Accidental disclosure of data

Accidental disclosure of data is probably a greater risk to you, than data theft from hacking.

When it comes to securing data, there are a plethora of solutions available in terms of software and hardware.

However, accidental disclosure is often down to human error and there is little to control or eliminate such risk. The auto-population of an email to field can easily mean that you are sending something you shouldn’t to the wrong John Smith.

Hands up. How many people reading this have accidentally sent an email to an unintended recipient? I know I have and it’s easily done.

In fact only last year, Scottish & Southern Electric were fined by the ICO for such a breach.

The easiest way to manage this risk when transferring data files via email or WeTransfer, is to password protect the file and communicate the password via a separate channel (Tel, Text, etc). If the data ends up in the wrong place, the unintended recipient can’t access the file.

But whist this may reduce the risk of accidental disclosure, it is a major hassle to facilitate and carries a significant overhead if you have multiple people transferring multiple files regularly.

Using a Managed File Transfer system like dataXchange, not only minimises the risk, but much if the hassle.

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